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A cap
A omg


Steve Wilson
Steven Wilson
Steven Grant Wilson
S. Wilson
Mr. Wilson
Captain Wilson
Sam and Steve Wilson <3 <3
The Wilsons

Natasha: Hey, Steve, what are you working on?

Steve: (knocks over entire desk, papers fly everywhere)

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do you ever get sad over something that happened a long time ago because i do 

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laughing because she is.

i actually did laugh when I saw this in theaters because this is a very real guilt tactic parents use and it’s 100% effective

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A shit

for cauthons (happy birthday!) [edit: quote]

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I love these shows, but by God they have a lot of problems.

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Watch out, Ghastly, she’s a man-eater.

I struggled with myself about how to present this tiny series of pictures, this is the best idea so far. I drew the first as a sincere need to draw more snog pics with these two, then inspiration struck. I added the two images to the bottom for fun. 

again, still reading book 7 no spoilers please

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(i miss you, miss you)

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